Monday, July 28, 2014

Things To Try (#TTT)

I'm always trying to find the best ways to organize myself and these days, I think I am using too many resources (Evernote, Pocket, Twitter, IFTTT, my inbox, Wunderlist, spreadsheets, Google Drive...). A lot of the ideas are kind of little and just need a home so that I don't forget that I want to use them.

I thought I would try to use the blog as a file cabinet and it will either be incredibly efficient or... not. Either way, it would beat bogging my inbox down with ideas (using your inbox as a filing system is so 2003). I thought the blog would also let me share my cauldron of ideas with my willing co-conspirators (my students) to increase the likelihood that these things actually get done. The best thing, so far, is that I can change and update this list whenever I get a new idea. I can also create a What Worked and What Didn't Work page or system so that I know what to try again. Hey, I could be on to something...

Well, here goes nothing!

Technology #TTT:

Rainy Day #TTT:
  • Seed Bombs (hmm, this could be a cute fundraiser...)

Science #TTT:

Project Based Learning #TTT:

Leadership & Management #TTT:

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