Saturday, October 18, 2014

We're (Tech) Jammin'

Greetings! I hope you all enjoyed the extra weekend day yesterday. The school was quiet without the students, but the teachers had a full agenda and lots to do. The in-service came on the heels of Ms. Pierpont and I having taken release time on Thursday afternoon to spend about four hours secluded in the MCS conference room planning our next Humanities unit. We are really excited to begin teaching Human Rights in 20th Century America, starting next week and continuing through the winter. I was also pleased to hear from our guest teacher Mrs. Blaise that the students were all-stars during my absence. I expected nothing less, but it's always nice to hear good news.

There are a couple biggies in this newsletter, so I will keep things brief and to-the-point. Here goes!

The official day for conferences is November 7th. Those of you who have worked with me before know that I like to begin conferences well before that in the hopes of being able to use it to work in the classroom instead. Therefore, I am opening up conference sign-ups now; click here to view the form and pick a slot. Please make sure to select a slot that allows your child to attend the conference as well.

Field Trip
We will be going to Tech Jam/Generator and the Champlain College Maker Lab on Friday, October 24th. A pink permission form went home on Thursday with details about the trip, click here to get the scoop and a printable form if the pink paper didn't make it (permission forms are due by October 23rd). The short version is that there is no cost, kids need a bag lunch, and we'll be gone from 9am-2:30pm. If you would like to come with us, please let me know.

MCS will once again celebrate all that is tricky and treaty on Halloween this year, which is gloriously on a Friday. The traditional teacher's play (with yours truly reprising her role as The Witch) and costume parade will take place in the Cafe/Gym starting at 2pm. You are welcomed to join us for this celebration. I believe the Community Council Events Committee is planning a party in our classroom, which will either happen before or after the assembly on the afternoon of the 31st. If they need anything from you, I will forward the request along. As in years past, costumes should be appropriate for school and must not include gory or violent components such as simulated weapons or entrails. If anything is questionable, I will hold on to it and send it home for trick-or-treating at the end of the day. This time of year is a good one to remind everyone of the class candy policy: no candy may be consumed before noon (i.e., candy cannot be a student's snack) and candy brought to school must be limited to one full-sized or two snack-sized pieces per day. This limits distractions and promotes healthy habits. My husband, who has a wicked sweet tooth, always has his fingers crossed at Halloween but as of yet, there has been no need for me to confiscate candy contraband. Let's keep it up!

The students are planing a dance on Friday, November 14th, not to celebrate my birthday, but to raise money to buy shelves for their book bins. Last year's Community Council presented the first ever MCS 5th and 6th grade dance with great success; between the raffle, bake sale, and gate, we made almost enough money to buy an iPad mini. The Events Committee and Marketing Committee are working on logistics and will have more for me to tell you soon. At present, the facts are this: A dance for MCS 5th and 6th graders will be held on November 14th from 6-8pm in the Gym. Parent chaperones and other various and sundry volunteers will be sought, so if you want to bust out some sweet Elaine Benes dance moves (my personal fave), please save the date!


  1. You made my night with the Elaine dance moves!

    1. That's my go-to set of moves. I'm not sure whether I am thankful or not that the kids don't know the reference!