Monday, December 15, 2014

Gagner to Gang. Come in, Gang.

Hey Everybody!

I'm back in my hotel after a long day taping over at Sony. Whew! I am still not used to the time change and wonder if I will ever get used to it before we leave. I have been getting up at 4am without an alarm for the past couple of days!

We met up in the hotel lobby this morning and the other teachers are really nice. There are 15 of us and one alternate. We took a bus to the studio and passed a house where Orson Welles once lived and the high school where the Red Hot Chili Peppers went. That building was huge! One of the teachers is from L.A. and he told me that 5,000 kids go there. Can you imagine?

Once we got to Sony, we had to get our make-up done. That was a lot of fun. I was one of the last to go and the gal who did my make-up also does Alex's! She has been a make-up artist in Hollywood for a long time and worked on the show Home Improvement for eight years. She gave me some pretty rockin' make-up, I must admit, and I wish I had taken a picture but I had to get so many touch-ups throughout the day that I couldn't wait to get it off!

After we got briefed about how things work, we finally got to the set. It was so cool! We taped a bunch of promos and played a few practice games so that we could get used to the buzzers. Everyone on the crew was so nice and fun. We laughed a lot, which helped the day pass a little bit quicker.

Speaking of the day, it was a marathon, but instead of running we did a lot of waiting. My game was the very last of the day to tape, which means that there were four, half-hour games taped before mine plus about an hour-long lunch break and another practice round. Mr. Gagner was in the audience for the whole time and I was back stage in the green room. We couldn't talk to anyone besides each other, couldn't read, text... do anything. In fact, they had a bunch of movies and snacks and we just sat around as each group of three contestants got called out to any their games. By the end, I was so ready to go that I could hardly stand it. I needed to do some yoga to calm down!

Once it was time for my game, it was maybe three or four o'clock. We had been there since about 8am. I got my first glimpse of Alex Trebek right after I had gotten (another) round of make-up and my mic. That was pretty surreal. Actually, it was pretty crazy because I fist-bumped one of the producers right before the game started and Alex asked me about it on camera. I was like, "Oh my goodness! He's talking to me!!!" When we did the interview portion, we talked about how I use humor in the classroom. He even mentioned our special jokes from a certain astrophysicist ;)

Playing the game was really fun and they showed your promo. You looked great!! I was so proud. I had to laugh because Alex said that you looked like a wild bunch. You know it, baby!

We'll be here for another full day and then our plane leaves on Wednesday morning. I will update you again tomorrow, but remember that I can't tell you anything. You will have to wait and watch in February!

Miss you!
~Mrs. Gagner

This is me outside of the studio after we finished taping for the day.

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