Saturday, December 6, 2014

We're kind of famous...

Pretty sweet, huh? We had such a blast planning and pulling off our Jeopardy! shoot this past week. I included a few pictures on our Facebook page, too. Thanks to everyone in the Gang being prepared, we had 100% participation from the class. That means the world to me. I can't wait to take on the world. With MCS behind me, I can't go wrong! I'd also like to thank Mrs. Knox for learning on the fly how to organize and schedule a national TV shoot, Mrs. Murray for making the super sweet sign in the MCS entry way (pictured below), and my teammate Ms. Pierpont for rolling with all of the punches that this whirlwind has brought to the 5/6 team. All of the support is awesome and if I could bring everyone to L.A. to keep cheering me on, you'd better believe I would!

On Friday the 19th, we will have our Holiday Party. Here is the Sign Up Genius where you can, if you're able, help us out with some snacks for the occasion. The Community Council has decided to do a gift swap and is asking that every student bring a mug filled with candy, cocoa packets, tiny trinkets, cookies, etc. valued at no more than $5 for the gift swap activity. Quite coincidentally, the Holiday Bazaar on Monday the 15th should be selling such objects (or other similarly-themed gifts) at a very reasonable price. In years past they have been around the $1 mark, making it a great option for kids to be self-sufficient in managing this particular piece of business. I will not be here to remind the kids about this but have added it to the TO DO list on the whiteboard. Please help them remember so that no one is unprepared!

It's winter! Kids who want to play in the snow at body break or recess should have the right cold weather gear. The school's emergency supply of loaner hats, mittens, coats, snow pants, boots, etc. should not be relied upon. There is a hearty crew that has been wearing shorts despite temperatures in the teens this past week. At the fifth and sixth grade level, the school's policy is natural consequences. Unlike last year, we are not picking this battle! We have been trying to encourage kids to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it but let's face it... What looks cooler than standing out in the snow with a frozen grimace of chilly pain on your face? That's what I thought. Heeeere's Johnny!

This coming week, we will be doing a child labor photo shoot and sweat shop simulation for our Humanities unit. The kids have been researching this week and we have viewed many of Lewis Hine's famous photographs from the early 1900s. You may know that Hine sneaked into factories, mills, and mines under false pretenses to document the scourge of child labor in this country. His haunting photographs have also served as inspiration for this week's historical fiction wiki writing assignment. The students have created a character, a child working to support her/his family in some of the most dreadful conditions, and are writing in that person's voice. The photo shoot will add a visual to this writing and really bring the character to life. Your historian should be scouring the closets for period or close to 1900s period clothing to wear next week and/or the week after for pictures. Please do not buy anything special for this project! Students can share and mix and match pieces.

Classroom teachers were contacted by Vicki Bronson about the famous personalized dog biscuits offered for sale each year at the Holiday Bazaar. Vicki's email was quite pun-tastic:

It's that time of year again, when I "hound" you to get me a list of names of all dogs in the families of your students. For those new to the bazaar, I paint the names on dog biscuits & then students can purchase them at the bazaar. (Apparently they are quite pupular!) ... I'll "retrieve" [the names by] Monday or Tuesday next week[. That] would be furrific as they need to be ready for the bazaar on Dec. 15.
If your student would like to purchase a bone for your furry family member(s), please have them see me. You can also email me the personalization details by Monday or Tuesday of the coming week.

Interesting Links
Every Saturday morning when I read my news feeds, I always find a bunch of interesting articles. I thought I might start sharing a few of them here just in case they'd make interesting reading for you, too.
Important Dates
  • Gagner Out, Mrs. Blaise In - 12/15-17
  • Holiday Bazaar - 12/15 all day in the Gym
  • Holiday Break - 12/20-1/4

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