Monday, May 11, 2015

May's Good Vibes

MCS Mini-Makerfaire Is On - Science + Creativity = Making
Last week, members of the 5/6 team met to talk about the first ever MCS Mini-Makerfaire, taking place on June 4th from 1-3pm. We brainstormed ideas and started to set expectations for the work that kids will do for this inaugural event. The energy in the room was awesome! Students who have been working with Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Davey in the Idea Factory for Humanities time have already started this work, so it's cool for everyone to be on the same page. Makerfaire project work will be done in duos, trios, and quads with team members coming from both classes. We will be devoting our three-times-per-week joint Humanities block to this collaboration (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10:30-11:30am). Our Genius Hour will also be a viable time, but it is not a time we share with Ms. Pierpont's class. The bulk of the work needs to take place in school and students should collect/buy materials on their own and bring them here. Some work might be done at home, but we want kids to be collaborating here at school with us to guide them. The formula for a successful project is just as the title states: students should create and present an intellectually-stimulating project that allows them to teach a science concept to the 'Faire visitors.

Warm Weather Wear & Warding Off Senioritis
Springtime is here, which means that we are in the sunny, warm, and all-downhill stretch toward summer vacation. There is a warm weather dress code in place at MCS. Shorts need to be longer than extended fingers (the unknown person in the picture is cheating!) and spaghetti-strap tops may not be worn alone. All tank tops must have straps the width of at least two fingers. It's also important that deodorant is applied liberally every morning (to clean underarms) and touched up as needed throughout the day, particularly after body breaks, recess, and P.E. It can get pretty heady in Room 110 with the fumes and everyone's work to stave them off is much appreciated.

We also want to make sure that everyone's head stays in the game right up until June 16th! There is a significant change in behavior often noted the day after we visit Mount Abe for the Fine Arts Festival and kids really start feeling their oats. While many things are indeed winding down, there is still a lot to be done before the end of the year and behavior expectations are firmly in place. There have been spikes in inappropriate language and conversations between students that are not suitable for school (or anywhere, really) and while trying on risky behaviors and language is "all part of growing up," it is not a welcomed part of our culture here. We have such a short time left together this year, so let's keep it great!

Yearbook Ads & Baby Pictures - Time is running out!
If you own a business or have a product or service to publicize, consider buying an ad in the yearbook to help the students achieve this giant undertaking. If you are a sixth grade parent, you also may choose to take out an "ad" for your student, wishing them luck at Mount Abe or congratulating them on their promotion from MCS. We can design it for you or you can create it yourself. Just ask for the specs. Yearbook ad prices are as follows:

⅛-page ad - $12 (2.5” x 4”)
¼-page - $25 (4” x 4”)
⅓-page - $35 (4” x 8”)
½-page - $50 (6” x 8”)
Full page - $100 (8” x 10”)

Please also remember that part of the fun with the yearbook is the annual sixth grade baby picture matching game. Please email me a digital baby picture or send in a hard copy with the student's name attached to it somehow.

Foster Fish Families
As the year draws to a close, I will be looking for families to act as summer hosts for our fish friends. There is virtually no maintenance other than twice daily feedings, which I cannot guarantee I will be able to do every day in July and August. Once the tanks are set-up, they will likely be able to go without a cleaning for the length of vacation. My thought is to have the fish moved to their summer residences by the second week in June. It would be ideal if they could stick the landing at one home and not transition again until they come back to school. If your rising sixth grader would be able to handle this responsibility and it jives with your family's summer schedule, please let me know. I will send food and gear with the critters or you can use your own if it would work. A hold harmless agreement would be assumed!

Transition & Placement
It was great to have seventh graders Hailey LaFrance (Gagner Gane alumna!) and Max Konczal here on Wednesday morning to share their experiences with the current class of sixth graders. I also hope that sixth grade parents were able to attend the info night on May 7th with Ellen Repstad-Gadhue here at MCS. I know a few of you have "been there, done that" but the information is always good to have and every kid meets this change in a different way. Here is a link to a letter shared by Ms. Repstad that might help you help your transitioning sixth grader. Likewise, I am glad to help in any way I can and encourage you to start connecting with folks at Mount Abe as well. There is a summer transition group that visits Mount Abe for a private tour and some getting to know you/sightseeing activities right before school starts. If you would like me to recommend your student for that, please let me know. It is ideal for kids who might be a little anxious or curious about any aspects of going to a new school. Mary Barnett, MTA counselor, told us that Crew assignment letters should have arrived over the weekend and that Meet the Crew night is Tuesday the 26th (it's all in the letter). This is such a big moment in an ANESU sixth grader's life!

For those students not moving on to Mount Abe and heading into the all-important sixth grade year, we have just about completed our placement discussions and will be informing families of any changes for next year in a letter due out in a couple weeks when everything is finalized.

Upcoming Dates:
5/21 - Gagner out all day, Ms. Blaise in
5/22 - Gagner out in morning, Ms. Blaise in
5/25 - Memorial Day
6/4 - Makerfaire at 1pm in the Gym
6/8-9 - Trip to Camp Common Ground (chaperones still needed)
6/10 - Field Days (6/12 is rain date)
6/16 - Last Day of School!

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