Thursday, June 11, 2015

Swan Song

The end of the year is a bittersweet symphony (hey, that would make a good song lyric...). On one hand, everything is groovy and we have a lot of fun and freedom; kids are at the peak of community and all systems are go. On the other, we're tired and more than likely ready to move along to the next phase of our journeys after a break. For all the times that this year has driven us crazy, the last few days of school have reminded us of all the magic that happened in the past three-quarters of a turn around the sun.

Okay, enough of the Hallmark card shtick... Let's get down to the business of gettin' down!

Please make sure all books from the classroom library (usually labeled with a GAGNER across the top of the pages) and school library books, as long as various and sundry supplies are returned to our community before the last day of school. There are some sticky fingers among us, I fear, as well as plenty of Forgetful Joneses. If you find materials over the summer, just bring them to MCS and put them in my mailbox, no questions asked.

Sixth Grade Promotion will be held in the MCS gym on Tuesday, June 16th at 10am. The ceremony should last about an hour. Families can arrive a bit early and be entertained by the smooth sounds of Miss Carina's Chorus. I believe she has sent home information about that performance with Chorus kids. After Promotion, students are free to leave the school and head to the sixth grade families picnic at the Rec Field. Sarah Cook and Kristen Howard have been organizing that piece, so please get in touch with them if you have questions. We do stress that Promotion isn't a graduation, but a sending forward as the Latin suggests (pro = for/forward, mot = move, tion = the act of); we keep things light and students and families shouldn't feel compelled to buy all kinds of fancy new threads for the ceremony. I have promoted students who wore tuxedo T-shirts in the past. It's all good. I am sure there are things I've forgotten to tell you (today I called two kids by the wrong name), so don't be shy about asking. I have what's known in the industry as "Teacher Brain" at this moment in time.

The first-ever Monkton Mini-Makerfaire was intensity in 10 cities. The kids totally rocked and we got the press coverage and glitterati attention to prove it. Check out the Facebook page for a link to the major column inches the Indy gave us in Monday's edition. Hot stuff.

Our camping trip was a rainy success and we would like to thank all of our chaperones for being the real reason that trips like this are possible: George & Karen Parker, Ed Cook, Otto Funke, Lianne & Dan Petrocelli, Ric Wolak, Marty Brown, Linda & Sean Havey, Vicki Bronson, Heather Pike, Marikate Kelly, Kristen Howard, and Danielle Hemingway. A big thanks also goes to Julianna Doherty for organizing the food shopping and meals--and involving students in that process. We are planning to visit Camp Common Ground for our end of the year trip next year as well and are booking now in the hopes of securing a Thursday to Friday overnight, which we have wanted for a couple years now. Stay waaaaaaay tuned for that scoop.

Here is a link to the photos from Field Days. Thanks to Mrs. Vorsteveld for taking and sharing such great shots! Mr. Shackett did an awesome job organizing new and fun events to make Field Days feel new again, even for seasoned participants.

On the last day of school, K-5 students will have lunch and board the bus caravan at 11:50am for our annual MCS send-off. After that, they're all yours.

Important Dates:
  • Placement letters go home - Friday at 3pm
  • Yearbook pre-order pick-ups - Monday at both lunches (students will receive a pre-order ticket on Friday)
  • Step Up Day - Monday at 12:30pm
  • Moving On Celebration - Monday at 1:45pm
  • Staff v. 6th Grade Kickball Game - Monday at 2:15-ish pm
  • Promotion - Tuesday at 10am
  • Report cards home - Tuesday at 11:50pm
  • Schooooooooooool's out. For. Summer. (channeling Alice Cooper here) - Tuesday at 11:50am
Summer Notes:
  • There are a few places to get free summer meals in Addison County that don't require a ton of work. Here's a list if you're interested.
  • Russell Memorial Library is issuing a summer reading challenge again this year. Students who fulfill that commitment get credits toward books from Scholastic at a ceremony next June. To encourage summer reading, I am offering a reading homework pass (worth one week of reading during the regular school year, i.e., two hours), for every book read over the summer. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to rising seventh graders, but I am strongly encouraging next year's fifth and sixth graders to take advantage of this awesome way to lighten the homework load next year. Please make sure you find the form that was sent home on Friday and get reading!

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