Monday, August 10, 2015

Techno Tidbits

I spent some time this summer revamping our class website. I try to make it your Gagner away from Gagner, in case you ever need my sensibilities while we're apart. It's not as regularly-updated as this blog is, but it's a good source of info just the same and includes our schedule and all kinds of other useful tidbits. Here.

We are also going to try to use Google Classroom this year as our workflow management system (in addition to traditional planners). If it does what I think it does, Google Classroom will let grown-ups see assignments and due dates, which will either confirm or deny the scrawlings in the planner that each student will get on the first day of school. I am working to set everyone up now and we're all going to learn how to use this system together. It'll be fun, I promise.

On that same note, student emails have been updated this year. The formula is high school graduation year, first four letters of last name, and first initial, Mine would be (because I wasn't Gagner in high school. I was La Riviere, get it?). Fifth graders' emails are and sixth graders' emails are I will send home passwords the first couple days of school and use email a lot with students!

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