Friday, September 25, 2015

Welcoming Rocktober

On Monday, we will begin September's final descent into the history books. It was a month to remember. The Gang is prepped for landing in the second full month of school with ever-growing independence and personal responsibility as the days get shorter and the possibilities get cooler.

Let's see, what's coming up for us...

Our states and capitals test is on Tuesday. Sixth graders also have a mega math facts test that day. We have been studying the U.S. map and all 50 states and their capitals (with correct spelling) and times tables 0-12 for a month

My graduate alma mater has an awesome new makerspace in its state-of-the-art student life building. Go Purple Knights! I am due on campus to shoot a recruiting video for the Grad Ed department, so I will try to check it out and see if they can accommodate a bunch of wiggly, loud innovators and their progenitors some time... maybe even on a weekend.

Conferences are coming up in the next few weeks. I use an online sign-up tool for this, so check out the link here and sign up if you wish.

Birthdays are starting to roll around, so it's a good time to let you know that sending in treats (for 18 students) is always welcomed on the actual day or close to it in the event of a holiday, break, or weekend. It's a simple ritual in Room 110, with the birthday big cheese picking when we eat the snack (usually during read aloud). We also jam out to the Beatles' "Birthday" before caterwauling our own version, complete with count up. No one is in any obligation to cook or bake or buy, but the option is out there if you wish!

Speaking of celebrating, October brings the prospect of a Halloween bash and we still have plenty of non-perishable snacks and drinks left over from the Shakespeare bake sale, so we probably won't need to mess around with pulling a snack train together. The schoolwide events team (of which I am a part) is still thinking about what we might do as a school as far as the annual costume parade, etc., so I will keep you posted. In Room 110, we usually just kick back with a movie after lunch and read aloud on Friday and roll on into the candy-filled weekend.

Many of you noticed our STEM "Tinker Crate" delivery on display at Open House. It's a really neat service. You can read about it here.

Speaking of Open House, I super-loved getting to see those of you who were able to make it to school on Thursday night. I know times are busy and many families have multiple classrooms to stop in, so I was really glad for your time. It's always nice to get face time with the other players on the team.

Important Dates

  • Saturday, 9/26 is the Champlain Mini Makerfaire - The 5/6 teaching team is volunteering at the ticket booth for the morning shift (gates open at 10am, our shift ends at 12-12:30pm), so come on over to the Coach Barn at Shelburne Farms! The event is also all day Sunday, which is great because we know the Jamboree is Saturday, too.
  • Tuesday, 9/29 is Picture Day - Mrs. Gagner will be out that day, but is coming in at 8am to get our class picture done before a meeting. The kids talked about wearing our Rude Mechanicals t-shirts for the class picture as a show of team spirit. We also had another fun idea, so check your planners!
  • Friday, 10/2 is Walk Around the Pond - Let's hope for good weather and lots of friends and family joining us for this fun tradition. The walk starts at 1pm. T-shirt order forms did already go home, so if you missed it, give the PTO a shout.
  • All Next Week is MCS SPIRIT WEEK! - We are doing a simple but easy-to-participate-in Spirit Week to continue the great start to our new school year. On Monday, try to wear red; Tuesday, orange (we know it's a lot with pictures and our own T-shirts!); Wednesday, yellow; Thursday, green (the perfect time to wear our team shirts, actually!); and Friday, blue/indigo/violet. A letter went home on Friday for the 'fridge.

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