Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Newsletter

I'm running out of catchy titles. You do this long enough and it happens. Please to excuse a dry post title this week. I'll keep it pretty dry and just give you a quick Top 10 List, from our home offices in Wahoo, Nebraska, as they say:

10. Flynn Trip
We're going to the Flynn on 11/12; I will send a permission slip home next week. To help keep school field trips affordable, the PTO has decided to subsidize field trip costs about $3/child. Many families choose to pay the full cost, which enables the PTO to fund other activities. Your fee for the field trip is $3. The actual cost of this field trip is $12.50 and you are welcomed to send in any amount between these two amounts.
9. New Toys
We got part of our order this week. Yahoo! It included a set of Snap Circuits and an ozobot. We'll dig into those goodies next week during Genius Hour.
8. 5th Grade Math
There is (should be!) a note home from Ms. Pierpont about the next unit in fifth grade math to let you know what's coming up. It's fractions. Yippeeeee!
7. 6th Grade Math
Sixth grade mathletes are wrapping up their own first fraction unit with a unit pickle (ask your sixth grader, please... and if it still sounds weird, feel free to shoot me an email!) on Tuesday. The kids will get to compare it to the pickle they took at the beginning of the unit and see how much they have grown. Ms. Primo and I are pretty happy about what we are seeing. Our next unit is geometry, which usually meets pretty well with most kids.
6. Cool Wipe Away Thingies
I found a stash of wipe off sheets that we stuck to the tables to use for all manner of cool stuff. Plus the kids learned essentially how to hang wallpaper without bubbles, so go ahead and put them to work on all manner of home improvement projects! (The photos are a little catawampus, sorry about that. I can't seem to fix it in Blogger and it's making my OCD wicked mad right now.)

5. Say Cheese!
School pictures went home on Friday the 23rd. Retakes are November 4th. Our class photo is pretty sweet. In case you're wondering why I'm holding my phone, well, a member of the Gang was absent and we needed him in the shot. We improvised!
4. Conference Time
I'm looking forward to seeing many families at conferences, which start on Monday the 26th. If you need to sign up or make a change to your appointment, click here.
3. Oh Yeah, We Learn Stuff Too
As far as academics, we are closing up our Personal Narrative writing unit and I am hoping to spend some time on creative and/or play writing as we start to dance between days off and breaks over the next couple of months.We are also looking to close our our Matter and Its Interactions unit in science with just the laws of conservation of matter left to poke around with. I'll be creating an assessment online through Google Classroom for students to take, probably around the Thanksgiving Break. Kids are having a ball working on their independent reading Book Talk projects and I am seeing a lot of creativity in the room as they explore stop motion, cartooning, and other makerly pursuits to do this work. The students are really enjoying creating their Revolutionary War characters and responding to historical events as their alter ego.
2. Spooktacular Times
Halloween is Friday and the 5th and 6th grade Student Council has worked with the faculty and staff events committee to plan some really fun events for the afternoon of the 30th. As the faculty adviser for Student Council, I am really proud of the work the kids have done as well as how dedicated, organized, and creative they all are. Good stuff. We will be having a minor celebration in the room from 2:15-2:40pm and I think we have plenty of snacks left over from the Shakespeare Bake Sale (chips, crackers, juice, etc.). If you are compelled to bake or send in something, we won't stop you. Students will be getting into costume during this time as well, so we aren't going to have a giant party, as it were.
1. Aw Shucks...
Thanks for another great week!

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