Sunday, November 1, 2015


Did we scare you?!

Halloween is always fun in Room 110. We had a small celebration between the MCS's new Octoberfest event and the traditional Costume Parade. Thanks to Jennifer Rougier and Amanda Benway for sending in some treats! Phew, glad that's over. Let's get crackin' with November!

Pen Pals
Last week, I made good on a deal I struck up at August in-service with Robinson 5/6 teacher Liz Greenberg. Liz and I have a fair deal in common when it comes to what we like to do in the classroom (chemistry, Shakespeare, making, etc.) and we thought that it would be cool to connect our students and get them talking about their learning in an authentic way. We came up with the idea of email pen pals and matched every one of Liz's 18 students with a member of the Gang. The first charge is for the MCS half of the epal partnership to lob an introductory email over to Liz's students. We began drafting those emails early last week and will continue that writing work this week. I am glad that the kids can learn how to use email appropriately in a way that also helps them get to know other kids in the district.

Wacky Schedule Wackiness
We are getting into the holiday season (sorry, I had to say it) but it also happens to be a time of year when I am called to a few conferences. I try to keep folks apprised of my absences when I can because it's a change in our routine, which sometimes makes people feel a little wiggly. Here are some upcoming dates:
  • November 5th - Gagner out (Vermont Fest conference, all day)
  • November 6th - No School--yeehaw!
  • November 12th - Flynn trip
  • November 13th - Hunker Down Day (in celebration of 36 glorious years of Kate on Earth, details forthcoming)
  • November 18th - Gagner out (Engaging Active Learners conference, all day)
  • November 20th - Gagner out (Agency of Ed science conference, all day; report cards will go home)
  • November 25th-29th - Thanksgiving Break--we made it!
  • December 10th - Gagner out in afternoon (ANESU professional development)
  • December 18th - Last day of school before Holiday Break
  • January 4th - Back to school--happy 2016!

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