Monday, November 9, 2015

A November To Remember

Let's start this issue with an attitude of gratitude: thank you to the anonymous donor who gave us $20 to spend at the Book Fair. Wow! Also thanks to Maia and Anni, who bought books from the class wish list. We are so loved. Yeehaw!

Remember that we are headed to the FlynnSpace on Thursday to see The Improvised Shakespeare Company. All of this theatre has really gotten us inspired, so we are working on writing a play of our own as part of literacy time. The Flynn has offered some great lessons on improv taht will come in really handy as we start to flex our acting muscles together. We will begin our study of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream after Thanksgiving Break and see that show in January. Love it!

We are having a Hunker Down Day this week, on Friday the 13th. HDDs are basically Fridays turned up to 11. This week we'll turn it up to 12 in celebration of my birthday. The plan is to have Genius Hour in the morning, including time to share our Book Talk projects, break for regular math classes, and then watch a movie in the afternoon. The kids have discussed wearing PJs, which is fine by me. We have been working really hard this trimester; adjusting to a new space, new faces, and new expectations while managing the other bits and pieces of being humans is deserving of the odd reward. I can't think of a better one than a day to chill together.

Report cards will go home on the 20th. It's usually helpful for families to know how I use the 1-4 rating scale, so here is your Gagner-to-English translation:
  • 4 - Student can do this work perfectly every time and with no help from me (this explains why 4s are rare)
  • 3 - Student can do this work mostly alone and benefits from some corrective feedback and/or explanation from me
  • 2 - Student can do this work if I am nearby and steadily prompting (this is what the start of the year is all about; don't be alarmed by lots of 2s)
  • 1 - Student cannot yet do this work or access this content
  • N - Our Common Core-aligned program of study did not assess this ANESU standard this trimester

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