Friday, December 4, 2015

The Decemberists

December is off and running! With just three school weeks this month, we're already 33.3% done with the month. Love that! And think about it... in 27 days, it's going to be 2016. Sheesh. Where does the time go? Thank goodness we're all still 29, eh?

We decided to handle December's reading homework as a table group challenge. This means that each table group is aiming to get a perfect score every week for reading homework (that's at least two hours, grown-up signature, and title of what was read). Most tables nailed it and a couple students who were really close are going to do some fix ups at Genius Hour today. Students uniting over a common goal is a good way to show everyone that we rely on each other, even for the little stuff. Yes, it's a bit of a "very special episode" but in these times, it never hurts to remember that there are lots of people around you who got your back.

Did I tell you that we are writing a play? I think I did. Anyway, we are! It's bomber. I'm really impressed by how the kids are working together on plot, theme, and characters as we hash out the story arc and get it to a place where we can write some dialogue. We also all got our own copies of Dream on Tuesday (A banner day for me... Do you know how fun it is to give kids Shakespeare?? You should totally try it!) and did scene studies focusing on vocabulary and "translating" English to English. Everyone participated and the group who was working on Act I, Scene 2 ("Is all our company here?") had a rollicking good time as the real Rude Mechanicals.

I did end up getting our class a subscription to Tinker Crate, the STEM delivery kit service. We got three months' worth of kits before I had to pull the plug, but the one that arrived this week has an awesome recipe for turning milk into ornaments and charms. I thought, since it's chemistry, it would be fun for us to try to do that so I am going to ask the kids to bring in cookie cutters. They'll be able to tell you about the science. I think we'll do that on Thursday during science time. I'd love to be able to sell them at the Holiday Bazaar, so if we have a dearth, you might just score a milk ornament in your stocking this year.

Next week we're also going to be participating in the Hour of Code project. We will be devoting time each day to learning some computer science (cleverly disguised as fun and games) and the kids will also have an opportunity to do some coding during Library time on Wednesday.

Check out the MCS newsletter about the Student Council Food Drive starting next week. If you have extra canned or boxed, shelf-stable goods in the pantry (or care to go pick up a few) we would love to send them to Have A Heart on your behalf.

Our History Share Fair will be on Friday, December 18th from 10:15-11am. I have invited the other 5/6 classes for a bop through to see what we have been working on and parents and families are welcomed to stop in as well.

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