Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Live Every Week Like It's Pre-Break Week!

I am happy to report that we are all keeping our heads in the game despite the holiday hullabaloo. Thankfully there is still plenty to do around here, though the kids are finding the value of having put in consistent effort all along. Many of the gang are starting to feel a successful finish to History Fair project work and will be enjoying academic and true choice time (as well as the satisfaction of a job done well and before deadline). This is a blessed feeling to be sure.

There are just a couple quick things (these are the ones I could remember...) before we say "See you next year!":
  • There will be a December states and capitals mastery test for the students who are still working toward that goal on December 17th. Most everyone who does knows that they need to study up!
  • The History Fair is Friday morning from 10:15-11am. Both 5th and 6th grade classes will attend (Primo and Pierpont). We will have touch-up time at 8am and set-up time at 10am and then it's lights, camera, action.
  • The gang has decided to do a PJ day on the 18th as well. The afternoon will be a time for R&R with each other as we close out 2015 with our feet up.
  • Reminder that we are doing a gift exchange. The kids will be filling up mugs with candies, treats, and other cheap and cheerful goodies to exchange with each other in a rollicking way that sometimes ties everyone up in knots. If you want to come by and watch the fun, I think I said we'd start at about 1:15pm.
Flash forward real quick to January... We're going on a field trip with Ms. Primo's class to the Flynn to see Dream and attend a Flynn educational workshop on January 12th. We'll be gone for most of the day. Tickets are $8.50 and the PTO can help where it's needed. I will send around details in our first newsletter of 2016, but for those of you who love to plan, I figured I'd lob it over the fence now.

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