Monday, January 4, 2016

20 Sweet 16

Happy New Year and welcome back to Room 110 at Monkton Central. The Gagner Gang is back in the groove, almost as if we never left. When Emerson talked about the consistency being a hobgoblin of little minds, it became clear to everyone around him that he had never been a middle school teacher. Our routines are our glue and we love every one of them!

We got some cool technology learning resources over the break, as well as some fun Shakespeare-y stuff too. Those will all be put to good use in the next couple of weeks for sure.

Speaking of the Bard, permission slips for our Flynn excursion next week went home (in theory) today. All of the details are all in there and, if you need or want them them now, click here to view it electronically. I think our unit on A Midsummer Night's Dream is really going to make this a much more deeply enjoyable experience for the class. We are also able to take advantage of one of the Flynn's connected workshops after the performance, something I have never done with students, only on my own. It should be pretty sweet.

Heading into our winter Genius Hour time, we will be getting more makerspace-y, doing an engineering and design tech challenge that will require a lot of thought and a prototyping process. I haven't given the kids the details of it yet, but I wanted to forewarn you that they are likely going to start wanting to save stuff from the recycling bin once I do. That's just an FYI for you.

I really think that's all there is to say about that. We survived the first Monday AND the first crazy-below-freezing day of the year. Come at us, Universe. We're ready!


  1. GO Gagner Gang!!! Thanks for all that you do for our kids Kate!

    1. Thanks Dan! If it's not fun, why do it, right?? ~k