Monday, February 8, 2016


Howdy y'all! Can you believe it's already the week before February Break? Now, I know that the stint between February Break and April Break is the slog of all slogs (eight weeks!!) but after that, summertime will be just about in plain sight.

Which brings me to my first bit of business. Our trip to Camp Common Ground is actually the overnight of June 1st to the 2nd, not the 2nd to 3rd as I reported in the last post. We still need chaperones, so please consider coming with us. This is such a fun trip! We do have some duties for our chaperones, but it's also, to my mind, a really relaxing time to hang out and let the kids be kids! Among the things we need chaperones to do are stay in the cabins with students (your own child and 3-5 others); assist with meal prep and service; engage the students in activities (both the ones we plan with CCG and ones you choose to pursue on your own); and make sure everyone is having fun, being safe, and feels included. Please let me know if you are interested in chaperoning and I will send the paperwork home with your kiddo. ANESU will reimburse you for the fingerprinting process, but it needs to be scheduled sooner rather than later.

The 5/6 teachers received an email from Ann Fisher at Mount Abe announcing that she will be coming around to all of the elementary schools to begin meeting with teachers around sixth-grade transition to middle school. In April, MTA will be collecting names of sixth graders who might be ready for the compacted math class. Ms. Primo and I will be using our math assessment data as well as our anecdotal observations of students to send the names of any students who meet the criteria for the compacted class. More information about all of this will be coming down the lines. I tell you now because it's on the horizon as we look to the last three full months of school!

We will have a Valentine's Day celebration on the afternoon of Friday, February 12th. MCS will be doing an all-school walk/run at 1:30 and then we will come back to the room to chill, pass out Valentine's and have a snack. I am not sending out a formal sigh-up but if you want to send in a treat, please feel free. Reminder, there are 18 students in the class. We will send Carly's valentines to FAHC.

Attention friends of Carly, Ryan, Corey, and Jennifer Rougier: as many of you know Carly has been very sick with Meckel's Diverticulum for 20 days and she has been in the hospital for ten of those days. She still has more recuperating to do at the hospital and maybe more at home too. We are setting up a meal delivery site at to help support the family during this difficult time. All you have to do is go to the site and look for the Rougier Family community, email to be a member, and sign up on a day to provide a meal. All meals can be dropped off at Rougier Bros. Auto Shop on Boro Hill Rd. in Monkton. Thank you for your caring support!

Fun times theatre shows!
Come see me and my fellow Middlebury Community Players in
"Back to Back Comedies" - February 11th-14th at the Town Hall Theatre

Peter Shaffer's Black Comedy
Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound (featuring yours truly!)

Event details are available here.

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